PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION BELOW. By proceeding to APPLY, it means you have understood all that is written in this guide. If you have further inquires please contact us.

You can now print your payment receipt by clicking on Payment Receipt Menu. Please use Complete Application Menu to proceed after payment if you are not redirect to complete the application and you have been debited. NOTE: Get Transcript ID Menu is fully functional now.

How to Apply

  • Click on "Apply for Transcript" and Search Up your Matriculation Number
  • Supply a Valid Email Address and Phone Number. This is important because we may need to reach you.
  • You will then be directed to make payment. The Fee Schedule is below.
  • After a successful payment, please take note of your transaction reference. This will also serve as your tracking number for your application and the only means by which you can retrieve or track your application
  • After a successful payment, you can now proceed to fill the transcript details by clicking on "Fill Transcript Details"
  • After submission of your transcript details, an email will be sent to you on how to track your application.
  • If you were unable to complete your transcript application process once, and you want to continue from where you stopped OR you need to track an already completed application, then click on "Retrieve/Track an Application"
  • Fee Schedule

    Transcript Application & Processing ₦5,000.00
    Courier Service within Nigeria
  • South West ₦2,500.00 (per destination)
  • Others ₦3,500.00 (per destination)
  • Courier Service for outside Nigeria ₦12,000.00(per destination)
  • All Fees are payable via the LAUTECH InterSwitch Payment Integration Platform
  • Note that a bank transaction charge of ₦300.00 per transaction apply for all transactions
  • You will be redirected to Interswitch gateway during registration to make payment. Prepare for making your payment online by having the following information handy:

  • An Interswitch enabled Debit/ ATM card, specifying the “Card Number”, “Expiry Date”, “Card PIN” and “CVV2 Code”
  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds in the card specified above, to cater for your fees as quoted in this section
  • Contact Us
    Working Hours: 8am - 4pm, Work days
    Phone number: 08168033386
    Email Address: